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Julia Marquis,the daughter of Edward and Elizabeth Newell Marquis, was born in Knox Co, Ohio in 1822. She married Matthew Elliott in Knox County and became the mother of James Elliott, our Luella Elliott Cook's father. The Marquis family had come from Washington Co, PA and their history appears in "Commemorative Biographical Record of Washington Co, Pennsylvania" dated 1893.


"The Marquis family is descended from FrenchHuguenots, who fled from France because of religious persecution and settled in Ireland. In 1720 William Marquis and Margaret, his wife, together with their son Thomas and daughter Mary, emigrated to this country from Ireland, and settle in Frederick County, VA., near Winchester. It is believed that some of the children of this family remained in Ireland. Some years after their parents came to America, Thomas Marquis married Miss Mary Colville, and Mary Marquis married John Wilson, and died shortly after. Thomas was the father of seven children -- four sons and three daughters --named as follows: William, James, *John, Thomas, Elizabeth, Sarah and Anne. Thomas Marquis, the father of these children was killed by the falling of a limb of a tree

whilst gathering corn. His children were brought up under the direction of his brother-in-law, John Wilson, who was a school teacher, and a religious man, consequently they were carefully educated, both secularly and religiously."

William the first son married Elizabeth Vance and had a large family most of whom came to Washington County and then on to Ohio. James married Mary Vance, sister of Elizabeth, and they and their large family also came to Washington County and then on to Ohio. *John Marquis, the third son of Thomas and our immediate ancestor, was the first Marquis to settle in Washington County and was one of the first settlers of Cross Creek township.

John was born June 10, 1750 and married Sarah Griffith of Frederick Co, VA. In 1774 they settled on a tract of land called "Marquesata," containing 421 acres in Washington County, PA.

Because of Indian raids the family lived in Vance's fort while John cleared the farm.  "Once while in his cabin, he heard the report of a rifle close at hand, and going out he saw a party of Indians killing his hogs. On seeing him they immediately gave the war whoop and rushed down upon him. It was a race for life and although the Indians were so close to him at the start that he heard their footsteps in pursuit, yet he outran them and arrived in safety at Vance'a fort. He was noted among the scouts and backwoodsman as a fleet runner and a man of upstanding and decided character. He was for many years an elder of the Presbyterian Church of Cross Creek, PA." He died Feb 15, 1822. Burial Cross Creek Cemetery. His wife died in 1836 or 38.

John and Sarah had nine children, their fifth child was *Edward Marquis, born in 1786. He first married Margaret Marquis, who died leaving no children. He then married Elizabeth Newell. The Marquis family had a reputation for fine singing voices and musical talents. Edward was known for his fine voice. At some time he moved to Knox Co. Ohio. An Edward Marquis is given as a member of a Presbyterian Church at Clinton, Ohio around 1820 (History of Knox Co Ohio, 1881) so it is possible they were in the county by 1820 or prior. His second daughter *Julia was said to be born in Knox County, OH in 1822.

(Cook descendant, Marion Dahlheimer Roberts, visited Mt Vernon, OH in 1977 and located his grave as well as others of this family.)


Edward and Elizabeth's children:

Margaret M. John Beatty

*Julia m. Matthew Elliott, and #2 Munson Hollister

John Patterson Marquis m. Julia Miller

Sarah Jane m. Baston Starr

Edward Lowrie b. 1829. In 1880 he was in LaSalle Co, IL.

Mary Ellen died young in Knox Co. (Marion R. found the grave.)

Julia Marquis first married *Matthew Elliott born about 1820, on Dec 16, 1843 in Knox Co. They had 3 sons,

John L. 1844 - 1861 Raised by Edward Marquis.

James Edward b. June 9, 1848 d. 1916 in Nebraska


Matthew Elliott died 1856 in Harrisburg, PA. (Legend is that he left his family and never returned.)

Julia Marquis then married Munson Hollister, a widower with 8 children, in Knox Co in 1859. They had two more sons, Wm Douglas Hollister (1860-1943) and George W. (1863-1934)both born in Knox Co In 1864, the family moved to Harris Township, Fulton Co., IL. The 1871 Atlas of McDonough Co, IL shows that Munson owned 320 acres in Sec. 12. Mound Township.(George Hollister came to Polk Co, NE, buried in Stromsburg.)


Julia died in 1877 and Munson in 1897. They are buried in *Upper Mound Cemetery in Fulton Co, IL. (We visited this area in 1977 and placed flowers on Julia's grave.) And so ends the MARQUIS name in our ancestry.

*Upper Mound Cemetery, Mound Township, SE 1/4 Sec 14.

*Matthew died May, 1856 according to a copy of a telegram sent by Harrisburg to Knox Co that was in the possession of Marion Roberts 6/30/88.

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