MIDIs and More MIDIs
(The Music Part of  "Quilts and Other Family Treasures")

If you've been here before, I've added a few new tunes. Enjoy!!!

Dear Hearts and Gentle People
   Another "treasure" is the love of music- - my dad learned
to play the "fiddle" before the age of 7. At 7 he played well enough, and knew enough melodies to play for barn dances with his father. When I was a little girl, he would often take the violin from its case, after a long day's work, and play.  He and his brothers had a 4 piece orchestra during the 1930's and the practice sessions were held in our living room. So I grew up surrounded by music. And now on the Internet I find hundreds of "midis"- - -I hope you enjoy
them, too. Here's a few - - - - -

   FADED LOVE    This is an old Bob Wills tune. Remember that plaintive violin?

   LILI MARLENE   Ed remembers hearing German soldiers singing this                               during WWII.  This midi was sequenced by Peter Wolmarans                               especially for Ed for his WWII pages.

  He'll Have To Go     A good old love song    

   LAST DATE         A little bit country

  HARBOR LIGHTS   Another WWII tune

   VAYA CON DIOS   Les Paul and Mary Ford had a great arrangement of                                  this one.

   SEEMS LIKE OLD TIMES    This one will take you back!   

   CAROLINA MOON   No, we don't live in Carolina, but this is a pretty                                       melody!

  ROSIN THE BOW   Reminds me of the old time tunes my dad used to play.

   PAPER DOLL    The Mills Brothers did this for years.

   Title??         Don't know the title, but trust me -- nice tune

   STEEL GUITAR RAG  My sister Lorene's husband, Clyde Swickard, played                                        steel guitar with Bob Wills' Texas Playboys for a                                        time and he especially enjoyed this one.

   CAJUN           We spent a year and a half in Cajun Country
                              (Louisiana) in the '80's.  

  EL PASO        Marty Robbins had a great record on this one.

   LOVE LETTERS   Popular at the close of WWII

  SOME BROKEN HEARTS     A real tearjerker

  MY BLUE HEAVEN      A special request by Betty

   TIME SLIPS AWAY   A little bit country


   CRYSTAL CHANDELIERS   Can you tell by now that I enjoy country music?

   FOUR IN THE MORNING    Yup.  Another one!

   MARIEALENA         A long intro - - - wait a minute, - - - it gets good.

   SOMEWHERE MY LOVE    My very favorite melody, Dr. Zhivago, Lara's                                             theme.

    I'LL FLY AWAY      A good old gospel song

Drop me a line and tell me what you'd like to hear. I may
have it tucked away somewhere.  If not, I'll go looking for it.

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