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                and MORE QUILTS

  The Texas Star, also called Bethlehem Star is one of my favorite patterns. Using the strip method of construction, the small diamond shaped pieces go together easily, and fairly fast. Using an off-white background shows the star and gives wide areas to show off your quilting !

I often complete baby quilts for grandmothers who have constructed the top and then don't have the time to complete the project, or don't know how to proceed.
I always embroider grandmother's name and the date on the back of the quilt.

This "Grandmother's Flower Garden" quilt is truly a grandmother's quilt. A relative of ours, a young man, came back to Nebraska to help settle his grandmother's estate. An auction of household goods was held, and this quilt top, crumpled,
made of Depression era fabrics, was discovered in a box of old clothing. He
immediately recognized it as one his grandmother had made and he was able to
make the highest bid. He sent it to me and together we planned the back, the batting and binding to complete the quilt. The back and binding are from a collection of prints called "Aunt Grace's Cupboard" and very nearly match the old fabrics of the pieced top. It made a lovely quilt and he is very proud to have it.

Another whole cloth stencil quilt. I took this blue quilt outside to snap the shot as I needed exterior pictures to accompany an article on quilting that I wrote for the magazine "Quilt World".  Turns out they wanted slides so I had to do it all over again. These stencil quilts have a LOT of detail to quilt but make a lovely bedspread. The stenciled fabric can be purchased in white or off-white. I prefer the off-white. Then any color or fabric can be chosen for the other side which is usually the side used as the top.

                                              Linda Grove of Lincoln designed this quilt "Playing Through" in honor of her son who was the Nebraska State H.S. Golf Champion . She offered these quilts commercially, and I was pleased to quilt a number of them. The pattern is Flying Geese using fabrics with golf motifs, with a wide navy border quilted with a golf player and grounds on all four sides. The back is a lovely paisley. I faded a photo of the quilted scene so that you could see the pattern on the border.

Had it down for awhile due to the copyright fuss, but I
think it's okay to have it up now, so enjoy!


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Last update Jan 2009